Evil, Racist Border Agents Are...Well, Saving Illegal Aliens Right and Left

Brittany M. Hughes | August 7, 2018
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It’s been hot at the Southwest U.S. border this year.

Really, really hot -- hot enough that paying some sketchy human traffickers a pile of cash to ferry you across the border illegally through miles of exposed desert with nary a drop of water in sight would seem an obviously poor decision, for a whole host of reasons.

And yet.

In response, evil, clearly racist border patrol agents, operating at the tyrannical behest of the Trump administration, just used the heavy hand of government to...well, save a whole bunch ofunlawful migrants from the sweltering heat, dive into the river to fish out drug smugglers, and ferry injured illegal aliens to the hospital like a fleet of federal Uber drivers.

Agents in the Rio Grande Valley just saved the proverbial bacon of 15 illegal aliens last week, including five people who’d been abandoned by human smugglers. They also rescued a mother and her son just in the nick of time, transferring the woman to a local hospital where she was treated for heat stroke. Seven more people were located after crossing the border and getting lost in the wilderness, including one man who was carted off to the hospital for heat-related illness.

Border agents also saved the life of a Mexican manwho fell off the 30-foot International Border Wall behind the Gran Plaza Outlet Mall in El Centro, California. Seven more illegal aliens were rescuedin Tucson after placing 9-1-1 calls to emergency responders because they’d gotten lost in the desert and were suffering from the heat.

Border agents also reported they’d recovered the body of a man who didn’t survive the journey.

CBP even rescued a narcotics smuggler from drowning in the Rio Grande after he dumped a truck full of weed on the riverbank and then tried to swim back to Mexico.

Yep. Definitely racists.

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