‘Everyone is Trans’: Media Mad for Man in NCAA Swim Meet

Jay Maxson | March 17, 2022

To the surprise of no one, to the approval of media kooks, Will “Lia Catherine” Thomas swamped the field Thursday in the NCAA women’s 500-yard freestyle preliminary race. The transgender man’s dominating performance was totally expected, and he figures to clean up later in the 200-yard freestyle as well. 

Outkick writer Joe Kinsey reported that Thomas “jumped in the Georgia Tech pool with seven biological female swimmers and destroyed them in the prelims.” Left-wing writers are totally fine with this abomination of justice. One of them is Sports Illustrated writer Pat Forde, whose daughter Brooke finished well behind Thomas in that race. Forde said: 

“It is funny. Some of the folks who are really wound up about this and screaming about the fairness about women’s sports really don’t give a damn about women’s sports. They are using this as a political wedge issue, and they are using it as a sign the country has absolutely run amok and has lost its mind to political correctness and blah blah blah. There are a lot of political opinions about this, but some of them are cloaked, I think, in bogus terms.” 

The Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins is equally blind to the transgender charade. Incredibly, she claimed everyone is transgender in some regard.: 

Hate to tell you, but in a way, everyone is trans. As writer T Cooper observed, all of us in life’s competitive arena are on the way to becoming someone profoundly different than we were, and keeping score is just a way to track the arc of a person from youth to prime to past it. If you subtract the aim of becomingness from competition just because you’re afraid of a Lia Thomas and make it strictly about the chance to win a prize, then you might as well go to an amusement park and shoot a squirt gun at a clown face because it will have about as much meaning.”

Speaking of clown faces ...

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It’s highly doubtful that University of Texas freshman Erica Sullivan would agree with such utter nonsense. She was the first woman finisher in the 500 freestyle prelims Thursday. The NCAA’s farcical official record puts her in second place behind Thomas. 

For three years, Thomas was a mediocre swimmer on the Penn men’s team. This year he saw a path to a medal grab by declaring he identifies as a woman. With scant exceptions, he’s won almost every single one of his races this season. Talk about a scam. 

Julie Compton, of NBC News, accused trans critics of “gender policing.” If anyone is policing gender, it’s the NCAA and the left-stream media by demonizing sensible people who can see right through the ruse of Thomas and other men getting away with imaginary female gender identities.  

When you go the disrespectable route Thomas has, and you get the full support of the NCAA, The Washington Post, NBC News and other powerful organizations, it’s impossible for real female athletes to compete in fair competition.  

On the other hand, the actual women in Atlanta had only nine protesters in their corner. These people represented a group called Save Women’s Sports group, and they stood outside the arena protesting Thomas’s eligibility in female swimming. Protesters displayed signs saying, "Support fair sports for women and girls.” Another wore a shirt stating: "That man is a cheat."  

Jeanna Hoch, the mother of two daughters, traveled from Denver to Atlanta to express her opposition to transgendered athletes. "I came to support women and girls. They do not have the same opportunities that I had. There is no single-sex competition anymore." 

The NCAA meet in Atlanta is only getting started, and this controversy isn’t going away. Not as long as a man is allowed to continue embarrassing women and stealing their trophies. Thomas ought to have an asterisk next to his name on every result sheet at this rigged NCAA competition.