Everybody Loves Raymond Star Encourages Christians To Rely on God Amid Midterm Results

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | November 11, 2022
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While it rarely happens, it’s nice to see a celebrity outwardly encourage people to rely on God. 

Everybody Loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton, Catholic,  expressed her faith and trust in God in a recent tweet following the midterm results. While most celebrities use their social media to share support of anti-God, anti-life, anti-American values, Heaton’s message is rare. 

The “red wave” that many people projected was more of a red sprinkle. Republicans gained some seats and lost some but regardless of the results, Heaton wanted to encourage others that the results are part of God’s ultimate plan. 

One user pointed this out in a reply to Heaton’s original tweet and Heaton pushed back with her confidence in her Father.

Heaton also called out the bias in the media (insert heart eye emoji) to a user who proposed that the press “purposely misled the country into thinking there’d be a ‘red sweep.’”

This isn’t the first time Heaton expressed her God fearing values. When Buzz Lightyear came out as gay, Heaton said Disney “completely castrated” his character. She’s said that pro-life Democrats are in an “uphill battle with the party that worships at the altar fo Planned Parenthood.” She’s also spoken at a pro-life rally and affirmed that she’s pro-science and pro-life.

It’s a bummer that it has become rare for celebrities to share their love of God. Anti-religious, anti-life, and anti-conservative values have become main talking points for celebrities and typically, those who oppose are censored or canceled.

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Kudos to Heaton for not only her bravery but for sharing biblical truth!

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