Everybody Learn Kung Fu Fighting! San Fran Cafe Owner Teaches Employees Martial Art to Combat Out of Control Crime

Nick Kangadis | August 22, 2022
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Even if the cops do their job in San Francisco and arrest actual criminals, chances are that the activists running that crap-infested, hipster paradise will just let them go. So, some business owners are taking matters into their own hands and training their employees to use their hands and their feet.

With the city and country experiencing a rise in anti-Asian hate crimes over the past couple of years — of which, the establishment media lies about who’s behind the attacks — Jade Chocolates cafe owner Mindy Fong is training her staff the martial art of Kung Fu.

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The reason for her decision to undertake such an exercise was according to the San Francisco Chronicle and reported by Breitbart:

Fong decided to hold the classes in late March, after a string of robberies coincided with the cafe’s move from Inner Richmond to Chinatown. Fong was excited to move to the neighborhood, where her cafe’s Asian-inspired chocolates could find a cultural home. But immediately, it was clear to Fong that COVID-19, crime and anti-Asian hate had left their mark on the neighborhood.[…]

In 2021, anti-Asian hate crimes spiked 567% in San Francisco, according to the city’s police department, with 60 attacks targeting people of Asian descent. Chinatown’s crime rate is below that of many parts of San Francisco. So far this year, the police department recorded fewer incidents in Chinatown than in 21 of the city’s 43 neighborhoods, including the Marina and Bernal Heights. But still, hate crimes against Asian residents loom large in residents’ minds.

In liberal cesspools, also known as big cities, the police seem to be really good at reporting crime statistics, but not allowed to decrease those numbers. One can’t really blame Fong for doing what she can to protect the business that she loves.


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