Even Trump's Surprised! Washington Nationals Catcher Kurt Suzuki Put On MAGA Hat During White House Visit


In a move that possibly even Donald Trump wouldn't have suggested for a public figure to do, Washington Nationals catcher Kurt Suzuki donned a "Make America Great Again" red hat while his team was being honored at the White House for their World Series win over the Houston Astros last week.

Even the president was shocked when Suzuki put the hat on. It's quite a risky thing to do if you're in typically liberal or left-leaning avenues of the entertainment and sports industry.

Take a look below:


Trump was so appreciative of Suzuki's gesture that he gave him a hug before the 36-year-old catcher said a few words to the onlooking crowd.

"I love you all," Suzuki said. "I love you all. Thank you!"

It just goes to show that some people don't care about the haters and have no problem in standing up for things, ideas and people they believe in.

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