Even Trevor Noah Mocks Cuomo Over 'Fredo' Being Like the 'N-Word'

Ferlon Webster Jr. | August 15, 2019
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The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah took shots at CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday after video showed the news personality going off on a man who called him “Fredo.”

“CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo, you might now him for his breaking news,” Noah started. “But if you talk trash to him in the streets, the only thing that might end up breaking is your face.”

In the viral video Cuomo is seen threatening the unidentified man telling him that he would “f***in wreck his s***” and “throw him down the f***in stairs.”

“Whoa, Chris Cuomo doesn’t mess around,” Noah joked. “Now I see why CNN makes people fight in separate boxes, that’s just workplace safety. Yeah, Cuomo’s like, ‘if I wasn’t in this box, I’d smash your face.’”

Noah went on to mock the CNN anchor’s attempt to liken calling Italian-Americans “Fredo” to someone calling a black person the “N-Word.”

“Look, Cuomo was clearly pissed off,” he said. “Because he feels like when this guy called him ‘Fredo’ it’s a negative Italian stereotype, right? What’s funny to me though was that his reaction that he chose also seemed like a negative Italian stereotype.”

In response to Cuomo saying “Fredo” is like the “N-Word”, Noah called his colleague, Roy Wood, Jr., to the set and asked him if this were true. Wood’s facial expression said it all: ’Come on man.’


That truly does say it all.