Even MSNBC Is Shocked By Biden's Border Crisis: 'They Just Walked Right In'

Brittany M. Hughes | December 20, 2022
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Unlike President Joe Biden, MSNBC actually visited the Southwest U.S. border this week - and were shocked to find a crisis.

Having buried their heads in the sand for the past two years (and after spending the four before that calling then-President Donald Trump a Nazi for valuing border security), MSNBC was apparently dumbfounded to find that thousands of illegal aliens are crossing into the United States, overwhelming border agents, straining local resources, and maxing out shelters. Which, given that the border has been experiencing record-shattering waves of illegal immigration every\ since President Joe Biden took office, kinda begs the question, “Where the heck have y’all been?”

"If Title 42 is lifted, officials say there’ll be a record number of 10,000 unauthorized border crossings per day. So what is the long-term solution? I mean, you’ve talked to officials down there that they’ve ramped up, but they can’t possibly handle that,” Andrea Mitchell asked NBC News’s Homeland Security correspondent Julia Ainsley, who was explaining the situation from the ground in El Paso, Texas.

“That’s right. It’s really just a numbers game, Andrea. And for a while, yes, we’ve been looking at maybe 10,000 a day across the border, but I think it might even be higher than that now that I’ve been able to get down on the ground and talk to people we’re talking about just here in El Paso, numbers could be as high as 5,000 to 6,000 a day,” Ainsley said.

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She went on to describe a "city that is overwhelmed and in chaos."

“There are hundreds of people sleeping in the airports, at bus stations, on the streets,” she went on. “And it’s actually really cold here. It was 33 degrees and we woke up this morning. Migrants were huddling together under blankets for warmth because even though Title 42 hasn’t lifted yet, so many people have been able to come across.”

“Not every nationality gets expelled. But we just spoke to people at this shelter here. Ruben Garcia, who runs this shelter, who says, look, already there are people sleeping on the streets. The numbers that will be sleeping on the streets if Title 42 lists is unfathomable and he says the federal government will have to do more,” Ainsley said.

MSNBC was also flabbergasted that many migrants were never apprehended after crossing the border - a problem that’s far from new, but which the wildly leftist media is apparently just now discovering.

“Officials have ramped up processing, but we were even able to see as of last night, a lot of migrants just crossing and migrants I spoke to this morning saying they haven’t had any interaction with U.S. immigration authorities. They just walked right in,” Ainsley told Mitchell.

President Joe Biden’s administration is actively working to end the Trump-era Title 42 program, which used the COVID pandemic to mandate that most border crossers be expelled back to Mexico to await their asylum hearing before being allowed into the United States in the interest of public health. The Biden administration has filed lawsuits to end the program, which border officials have said could trigger a completely unmanageable surge of as many as 14,000 illegal aliens per day - and migrants know it. Many have openly told reporters they're simply waiting for Title 42 to end to cross the river and enter the country, believing they'll be allowed to stay.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on Monday temporarily stayed a lower court order that would have ended the program next week, buying at least a little time before the floodgates open to ming-boggling waves of illegal immigration unlike anything this nation has ever seen.