Even Chris Hayes Admits Omicron 'Does Look More Like the Flu'

Brittany M. Hughes | December 30, 2021
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Even MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is admitting what most of us have known for…I don’t know, about two years now? That COVID – particularly the omicron variant currently spreading like wildfire across the country – is basically…

…the flu.

If, after two years of shutdowns, lockdowns, mask mandates, vax mandates, school closures, student mask rules, and the recent public ouster of unvaccinated people from the rest of society in our largest cities, this too-little-too-late admission absolutely enrages you, join the club.

"For the people who don’t fall into that [high-risk] category – and we’re talking about, 150 million people, maybe, or more - those people who are vaccinated and particularly those who are boosted, the personal risk went from something we hadn’t really dealt with before in our lifetimes…to something that does look more like the flu," Hayes said Wednesday night on his MSNBC show "All In With Chris Hayes."

"Now, the flu can still be dangerous – kills tens of thousands of Americans every year - but we do not reorient our lives around the flu," he continued.


Of course, this acknowledgement that this latest COVID strain is far more mild and generally poses little threat to the vast majority of people comes even as cities are tightening restrictions on the unvaccinated, some school systems consider returning to remote learning models that have already proven devastating to students’ education and mental and physical health, and government officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci propose more measures like vaccine mandates for domestic air travel.

For what even some of the nation's most die-hard liberals are admitting amounts to the flu.