Sen. Ron Johnson Highlights the Complacency and Malfeasance of the Government and Medical Industry During COVID

Evan Poellinger | April 12, 2024
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On Tuesday, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson (R) provided eye-opening insights into the way the federal government and medical establishment harmed the American people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sen. Johnson spoke at a symposium hosted by the Heritage Foundation, which focused on the ways in which the government had used its powers to impose on the American public. Johnson began by recalling President Dwight Eisenhower’s farewell address, in which the former president expressed concern about public finance of scientific research.

Relating Eisenhower’s warning to COVID, Sen. Johnson explained how such publicly-funded research can beget corruption:

“If you allow the public to fund this, you’re going to have scientists not pursuing science; you have them pursuing grants. And their science is going to be corrupted by that and we would end up with a scientific and technological elite that’s going to drive public policy. That’s what we saw in COVID.”

Johnson next elaborated on the extensive steps taken by the scientific community and the government to overlook and disguise potential dangers associated with the COVID-19 vaccine:

“When it comes to the vaccine, so many members of Congress got in front of a video camera, pushed the vaccine, recommended their constituents get the vaccine. The last thing they want to even know is that, maybe, those vaccines caused injury, could’ve caused death, something that they recommended their constituents may have harmed them.

“Same problem we have with doctors and the medical establishment, federal health agencies. They don’t want to admit, and they will never admit, they were wrong.”

Johnson added that those unspoken injuries were extensive, noting “over 37,000 deaths worldwide and, of course, one of the problems of VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) is that it dramatically understates the number of adverse events, over 1.6 million adverse events. By the way, 24 percent of those 37,000 deaths are occurring on the day of vaccination or within two days.”

Strikingly, in 2021, Johnson found that “when I presented that information to (NIH Director) Francis Collins at the end of April, his response to me was ‘Well, we’ve associated six deaths with the J&J vaccine, but other than that, Senator, people just die.’”

“That’s how callous his response was, how unconcerned he was of the safety of citizens that were screaming at federal health agencies that they just ignored,” Johnson said.

As to whether anyone would be held responsible for such malfeasance, Johnson said to “take a look at the subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic”:

“They held a hearing. It certainly wasn’t a fact-finding hearing. About the only thing that was missing was a banner that said ‘brought to you by Pfizer.’

“The subcommittee itself has a lot of doctors on it, card-carrying members of the medical establishment. I’m sure they were pushing the vaccine on everybody. Again, they don’t want to admit they were wrong. The body count is way too high.”

“From my standpoint, the greatest problem in our response is we ignored treatment,” Johnson said.

As Sen. Johnson illustrated, evidently, the federal government and the medical industry are content to rest on their laurels, despite the pain and suffering caused by their malfeasance during the pandemic.