San Francisco’s ‘Guaranteed Income For Trans People’ Program Discriminates on Behalf of Racial Minority Applicants

Evan Poellinger | October 6, 2023
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Judicial Watch disclosed on Thursday that it has acquired almost two thousand pages of records from the City of San Francisco related to its taxpayer-funded Guaranteed Income for Trans People (GIFT) program, which reveal that the city has given priority to program applicants from racial minority backgrounds.

The program, which was announced by the city on November 16, 2022, was intended to “provide low-income transgender San Franciscans with $1,200 each month, up to 18 months to help address financial insecurity within trans communities.”

Despite not making any specific announcement that minority individuals would be prioritized for such financial aid, one particular document from the cache Judicial Watch obtained declared “the program will prioritize enrollment and retention of BIPOC trans and nonbinary people who also engage in survival sex trades, living with disabilities, elders, living with HIV/AIDS, undocumented, monolingual Spanish speakers, formerly incarcerated, and unhoused and marginally housed.”

“The records show that the taxpayer-funded ‘Guaranteed Income for Trans People‘ (GIFT) program also allowed illegal aliens to apply,“ Judicial Watch reports.

Also included within the document are details describing the additional “wrap-around services” members of the program would be entitled to. Lyon-Martin Community Health Services, a clinic focused specifically on serving transgenders, is noted in the document to accompany GIFT with “gender affirming primary medical and holistic care, gynecological and sexual health care, mental health services, case management, crisis response services, financial literacy training and workforce development services, and outreach and harm reduction services, to the enrollees.”

In short, even among taxpayer-funded aid to one of San Francisco’s favorite victim groups, a hierarchy still exists. Minority and illegal alien transgenders sit at the top of that victimhood hierarchy, and therefore, stand at the front of the line for handouts.