Documents Leaked From CVS Pharmacy Reveal Racial Preferences in Hiring and Suppliers

Evan Poellinger | January 18, 2024

The X account End Wokeness released a set of startling documents leaked by an insider at CVS which reveal racially discriminatory attitudes toward hiring employees and toward sourcing suppliers.

On Wednesday, the account posted four photos of documents that were reportedly obtained from an inside source at CVS. Included in the photos is a document discussing “social justice and equity commitments,” which details decisions to “expand the reach of our Workforce Initiatives programs into traditionally underserved communities and talent pools,” along with plans to “recommit to an aggregate target for supplier diversity and hold leaders with vendor relationships responsible for helping us achieve our target.”

Under “Workforce Representation,” the document says employment should be based on “demographics”:

“Colleague demographics reflective of the demographics of those we serve.”

Another document delineated “leader actions required to advance our diverse talent.” The actions are mandates to “source diverse talent, advance diverse talent, and retain diverse talent” through “sourcing internal diverse talent” and by having senior leaders “formally or informally mentor one diverse mentee each year.” The documents also showcase the usage of a development program known as Breaking Points, designed to provide career assistance to “women of color.”

Beyond the documents leaked from CVS, the pharmacy actually has a page on its website dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). CVS declares that they are “deeply committed to the work we’re doing to develop a diverse workforce and provide an equitable workplace.”

CVS proudly states that “strategic diversity management is connected to every aspect of our business” and promulgates diversity statistics from various hiring years as well. Additionally, CVS says that, in its role of providing quality service to customers, “diverse suppliers play a critical role in helping us achieve that goal and ensuring our company’s continued success.”

While some might be backing away from DEI as more of customers become aware of its true nature, it looks as though it still represents an integral part of CVS’ business model.