Europeans Facing Rising Energy Prices, Prospect of Cold Winter Protest: 'Don't Want to Starve and Freeze for Zelensky'

Nick Kangadis | October 18, 2022
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However you feel about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia becomes moot when you take into account that people in countries who may have supplied funds and materials to Ukraine — military and otherwise — aren’t the ones actually fighting, but they’re being affected all the same in different ways.

Germans, French, Dutch, British and other European people are facing the harsh reality of a cold winter, not only because of the funding going to another country, but also because of sanctions against the other, which affects energy production and consumption — or lack thereof.

There’s video posted to Twitter — mostly by the @RadioGenova account — of protests happening all over Europe. A contingent of the French people now want their country out of the globalist, authoritarian European Union (EU) after years of mocking the Brits for wanting to leave.

The common thread throughout most of these protest videos is that “Europeans don’t want to starve and freeze for [Ukrainian Leader Volodymyr] Zelensky.”

Here’s just a sampling of the protests going on around Europe over the last week or so:



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That’s just a taste. These protests have been going on practically every single day, but the establishment media and their elitist U.S. politician owners won’t tell you about it going on since it seems that the North American continent is a few years behind the rest of the world in terms of unrest because of political overreach.

Pay attention to what the authoritarians in every party in the U.S. are doing to you, the people. Don’t just blindly go along to get along. Remember that they work for you and don’t own you, so their edicts are just impolite suggestions. If they’re being unjust just do what I do — shrug.


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