EU Parliament Voted to Ban New Gas-Powered Vehicles by 2035, Because...the Sky is Falling or Something

Nick Kangadis | February 16, 2023
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It seems like today’s “eco-warriors” also feel they have the right to dictate how the rest of us will live in future because of some virtue they think they have that doesn’t exist when you’re an authoritarian. When they’re not throwing paint at priceless works of art or pissing people off by blocking traffic therefore increasing the carbon emissions in the atmosphere — it’s not supposed to make sense, by the way — they install themselves in government and throw tantrums until they get their way.

It appears now that the European Union’s (EU) Parliament has approved new regulations that would prohibit all sales of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

According to

A majority vote (340 in favor, 279 against, 21 abstentions) sealed the deal to reduce CO2 emissions, which is in line with the European Union's target of cutting net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030.

The regulation, says EU rapporteur Jan Huitema, is "an ambitious revision of the targets for 2030 and a zero-emission target for 2035, which is crucial to reach climate neutrality by 2050.”

It also loosens pre-2035 transition rules for small-scale manufacturers producing fewer than 10,000 new cars or 22,000 new vans per calendar year. Those making fewer than 1,000 new vehicles a year are exempt.

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But, wait a minute. Aren’t the climate control alarmists always telling us that if we don’t do something now, the world is going to end in the usual 10 to 12 years? They said it decades ago. Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) said it a few years ago after she was first elected.

So which is it? Are we going to die or not? Because if so, I’d like to clear my bucket list. And if not, shut the hell up and let me enjoy my gas-guzzling car while eating a steak using plastic utensils.

Notice that with climate alarmists, there’s never any good news. Nothing we’ve done to help the environment in my lifetime has eve been praise-worthy despite the calls for us to do exactly what they want over time.

Me thinks climate alarmists doth protest too much.


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