Etsy, PayPal CANCEL Biologist for Defending Real Gender Science

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | June 16, 2022
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This week we talked about how Etsy and PayPal reportedly censored Quilette Managing Editor Colin Wright’s organization, Reality’s Last Stand.

Wright is an evolutionary biologist, writer and speaker who agrees that there are only two genders. He dedicated his organization to this cause and publishes “weekly news, articles, and other content about the biology of sex and sex differences, gender ideology, Critical Social Justice, free speech, and related topics.” The left, including Big Tech, does not typically tolerate expression of these concepts.

Wright sold many items to promote his cause but Etsy removed his account, according to Wright’s Twitter. Supposedly his products supported “hatred or violence.” (None of his items did such a thing).

Etsy rejected Wright’s appeal, and while his Etsy shop remains unavailable, the platform has no problem with the spread of violent content against feminists who disagree with trans ideology. The bias is undeniable. 

On the same day as the reported Etsy removal, Wright claimed that PayPal nuked his account. Wright received donations through his PayPal account to support his cause but since PayPal undoubtedly leans left, the platform apparently targeted Wright’s organization. 

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Before appealing to PayPal, the platform said Wright needs an attorney to submit a subpoena to find out why he was censored, he tweeted

MRC Free Speech America reached out to Etsy and PayPal, and received no explanation regarding the removals of Wright’s accounts. 

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