The Establishment, Propaganda Media Really Don't Want You to See 'Sound of Freedom'

Nick Kangadis | July 17, 2023
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With so many big name, big time Hollywood productions — with the rare exception — tanking at the box office, it’s almost comical to see the establishment, propaganda media fall all over themselves to cast shade on a movie that seems to be resonating with 100 percent of the audience, according to Rotten Tomatoes, “Sound of Freedom.”

And with there being a plethora of examples of said media giving the public the perception that they’re playing defense for pedophilia, grooming and trafficking, here’s a rundown of what the “professional” critics are saying.

The Washington Post not only came out with a hit piece just a few days after the movie’s initial release, they doubled down eight days later. But this time, they must’ve figured putting the term “QAnon” as the first word would somehow influence possible viewers of the movie.


Ironically, the “he/him” who wrote the second article has a controversial past.

Writer Noah Berlatsky was, at one point, the Communications Director for Protasia, “a not-for-profit group that is reportedly attempting to legitimize pedophilia under the guise of helping children,” according to a 2021 article by The Post Millennial.

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According to the Protasia Foundation website, they feature a group within their organization called the MAP (Minor Attracted Persons) Support Club:

From the MAP Support Club (MSC) team: MAP Support Club is an independent peer support group for minor-attracted people (MAPs) who are fundamentally against child sexual abuse and committed to never harming children. It is a safe space for MAPs to access peer support and community.

Tell that to someone that believes you.

For their part, Rolling Stone published more than one article, with the first even going so far as to call the “Sound of Freedom” a “Superhero Movie for Dads With Brainworms.”


“To know thousands of adults will absorb Sound of Freedom, this vigilante fever dream, and come away thinking themselves better informed on a hidden civilizational crisis…well, it’s profoundly depressing,” the first  Rolling Stone article’s author Miles Klee wrote in his conclusion. “Worse still, they’ll want to spread the word.”

Why wouldn't you want to spread the word about child trafficking? Simply insane.

British publican, The Guardian, published a piece also pushing the QAnon conspiracy theory that the movie is “QAnon-adjacent,” whatever that means.


The kicker, as you may know if you watched the July 10 edition of Things That Need To Be Said, is that all three of the above publications played defense when the polarizing and disturbing film “Cuties” came out on Netflix and received pushback. [WaPo, Rolling Stone & The Guardian]

You can add Forbes to the above list, because writer Ana Faguy noted that the movie’s “strong support its received came “particularly from right-wing audiences” and that it has faced “scrutiny…for its lead actor’s [Jim Caviezel] ties to conspiracy theories.

You can check out their defense of “Cuties,” which they called “Unfair And Incorrect,” here.

To display that pedophilia, grooming and trafficking is truly a worldwide problem, the Australian outlet Crickey — stereotype much — also used the QAnon angle in their coverage of “Sound of Freedom.”

“It will neither surprise nor shock you that every facet of this blockbuster movie has been attracting conspiracy theories,” the article’s sub-header stated before talking about QAnon non-stop with no in-depth analysis of the movie itself.

To a lesser extent, news outlets repeating what the movie’s detractors are saying about feeds into the aforementioned establishment, propaganda media’s narrative.

The Toronto Sun repeated the supposed QAnon connection to both Caviezel and the true hero that he portrays in “Sound of Freedom,” former Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard.

As a final tidbit to the list of defenders of pedophilia, grooming and child trafficking, Forbes wrote yet another piece talking about and attempting to explain the movie’s connection to the phenomenon of “adrenochroming.”

The adrenochrome conspiracy, a bizarre theory with antisemitic roots, posits that Satan-worshipping global and Hollywood elites run a massive child trafficking ring to drain their blood and harvest the chemical adrenochrome to stay young, and has been embraced by subscribers of the QAnon and Pizzagate conspiracy movements, including key people affiliated with the recent hit movie The Sound of Freedom.

All in all, you get the picture. Major publications — and smaller ones for that matter — have had no problem attempting to cast a shadow and multiple blemishes on an otherwise extremely well done film.

For a trailer of "Sound of Freedom," watch below:



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