ESPN's Michael Wilbon Compares NFL Owners Who Require Players to Stand For the Anthem To Slave Masters

Nick Kangadis | October 11, 2017
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ESPN must really like the taste of shoelaces, because they’re constantly putting their feet in their mouths.

Their latest dumbass comment, which more times than not ends up promoting racial segregation instead of equality, came from longtime sports journalist and host of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” Michael Wilbon on the “Dan Patrick Show” on Tuesday.

“I was critical of [Dallas Cowboys owner] Jerry Jones yesterday,” Wilbon told Patrick. “I used the phrase ‘plantation mentality,’ so let me repeat it, because that’s what it comes off as.”

Wilbon and Patrick were talking about ESPN personality Jemele Hill being suspended after her tweets about Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his stance against his players — a.k.a., his employees — protesting during the national anthem.

Could someone please tell me when black men or were paid millions of dollars during the disgusting slavery era?

Being an NFL player, you are an employee, which means you have a choice. You can either do your job to the satisfaction of the person who pays your salary, or you can find another job. That goes for anyone who enters an agreement to be paid to provide a service for the employer.

As an employee, the only expectation you should have, besides being treated like a human being, is to receive compensation for the work you have provided.

As an owner, your expectation is to receive work from an employee, and hopefully a little respect, that meets your standard of work.

Wilbon is way off-base in comparing a modern day NFL owner to a slave master. And while it’s not necessary for him to lose his job over it, Wilbon shouldn’t be surprised to receive criticism for his comments.

For Wilbon’s comments, watch below: