ESPN Host Launches a Twitter Tirade Against Trump: 'He's a White Supremacist'

Nick Kangadis | September 12, 2017
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If you ever wondered how far left ESPN has moved in recent years, look no further than ESPN host Jemele Hill.

Hill is the epitome of an uninformed liberal, coming down with a severe case left-wing verbal diarrhea Monday evening on Twitter.

It all began with a tweet that every radically liberal extremist would be proud of:


Remember: Hill is supposedly a journalist, so a little source material for her assertion probably should have accompanied such an inflammatory tweet. As we know though, facts aren’t friends to radical liberals like Hill.

Hill then went on a blithering BLM-style tirade about systemic racist in the United States, claiming half the U.S. is comprised of "white supremacists." -- i.e., another case of, “I hate you because you don’t believe the same things I do."

Here are the remainder of the tweets (I’ll wait for you to grab a barf bag):


What threats does Hill face with her cushy job at ESPN? What rights does Hill not have that white people do? Please enlighten us.


Really? After only eight months in office?

Notice how Hill said "her lifetime." She was born in 1975. Then again, self-entitled people like Hill tend to only apply things when it concerns them. Forget history. That being said, I'm sure Hill is perfectly fine with the fact that one of liberals' favorite presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt, placed Japanese people into internment camps back in the 1940s. That seems pretty offensive.


Which people are white supremacists? I'd like Hill to provide a substantiated list. If Trump is indeed "surrounding himself with white supremacists, it can't be that difficult to come up with one.


I guess condemning ALL hate makes someone a white supremacist.


See my above request for a list.


What "facts" are those, Jemele? You speak of "facts," but never actually provide any.


If anyone were legitimately "unqualified" they wouldn't be president, would they? Plus, didn't former president Barack Obama get elected? Twice? He wasn't white. Well, not completely. Your racist bigotry is showing, Jemele.


So, Hill is actually saying that everyone that voted for Trump voted for rampant bigotry. That's a pretty insane statement. Then Hill tries to show everyone how morally superior she is to Trump voters, because she was "brave" enough to vote differently.


We know you hate a lot of things, Jemele. You're not shy about that.

If a conservative said about Obama the things Hill just said about Trump, they'd most likely find themselves standing in the unemployment line.

Then again, ESPN does stand for Extremely Stupid Political Narrative.

H/T: Daily Caller

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