Errr....What? Fetterman Gives Bizarrely Incoherent Response to Inflation Question

Brittany M. Hughes | November 1, 2022
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Pennsylvania senatorial candidate John Fetterman gave a nearly untranslatable answer to a basic question about the root causes of the inflation that's still crippling American families and is easily ranks as the No. 1 issue among likely voters according to multiple polls.

"Well let's talk about inflation because that's a big concern for voters," CNN's Don Lemon asked (on the new morning show he was relegated to after his evening ratings took a ride on the Porcelain Express).

"What do you think the biggest cause of inflation is, and should the Biden administration be doing more?" Lemon then asked Fetterman.

"I just do. I think that simply is also about the trillions in massive tax…or, uh, tax cuts to the corporate tax…uh, structure is well true," Fetterman began.

Following? No? Then get ready - because it got even worse.

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"Trillions of dollars that have added to the deficit, that they still want to support those is well true," he went on. "I think in terms of being very serious about addressing inflation is making sure that those rates are put back into align with what they should have been, uh, where they’re able to fight the…the…that deficit."

Now, most people would assume Fetterman’s incoherence is likely due to the stroke he suffered some months back, which appears to have seriously impaired his ability to get out basic words and forces him to follow along with closed captioning to make sense of a conversation.

Then again, it’s also possible that his Rorschach blob of an answer on the price increase now kneecapping the American lower and middle classes is because leftists have exactly zero answers when it comes to solving inflation - an issue that's been largely fueled by their big-government, economy-killing policies.