School 'Finger-Gun' Incident Prompts Action By Gun Owners Of America

Eric Scheiner | September 11, 2023
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Sometimes school rules are just absurd.

Earlier this month, a first-grade student in Alabama was initially suspended for pretending his fingers were shaped like a gun while playing “cops and robbers” with another student at recess.

Now, the Gun Owners of America are getting involved, asking the school to allow for allow age-appropriate play (because leftism in schools bars children from playing cops and robbers, but encourages drag queens to come read to them.).

The boy’s father, Jarrod Belcher was initially informed that his son was given a class 3 violation at Bailey Elementary School, a measure also given to students who bring weapons into the school. Belcher was even told his son would be barred from the school grounds until a hearing was held. 

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Belcher pushed back on the discipline and after some back and forth, his son was allowed back in school, but he claims school officials overreacted to the situation.

“What I would like is for this incident to be removed from his record, he doesn’t deserve to be branded as potentially violent, because he was playing cops and robbers, ” Belcher told WBRC-TV.

In response, Gun Owners of America has announced they have teamed up with local counsel and state-based BamaCarry  and has sent a letter to the school administration, the school board, and school district demanding the total removal of any record of an infraction, disciplinary action, or other sort of report on the activities in question.

The letter demands that the existing policy that led to this improper punishment be publicly amended to allow age-appropriate play for children. 

Further, the school district should confirm that it will allow age and context appropriate playtime activities which cause no substantial disruption, contain no actual, implied, or perceived threat, and pose no danger to anyone, and that, in the future, no student will face punishment or removal, regardless of whether students or staff would prefer young boys not use “gun fingers” as part of their play.

It is yet to be seen if one can open carry their fingers in school, the letter requests a “substantive response” by September 14th.

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