'Put Mulvaney's Face On Every Can' - Ways To Achieve Biden Admin's 2-Beer-a-Week Idea

Eric Scheiner | August 31, 2023
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As grocery prices soar you may be looking at ways to cut back - so how about making your six-pack of beer last three weeks!

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) Director George Koob has publicly indicated the USDA could move towards a 2 beer a week recommendation (it's for your own good, you know).

Of course this idea follows the Biden administration considering a nationwide ban on gas stoves — citing the harmful pollutants released by the appliances


If you can't cook, maybe you'll save money buy not buying groceries as well.

It's Bidenomics - who needs to eat while Ol' Joe is in office? Probably can't afford to anyway.

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It's easy to joke about, as the video above illustrates. 

It's just difficult to laugh at what a punchline this administration is.