Pro-Palestinian Protestors Shut Down Access To Airports, Bridges, Roadways

Eric Scheiner | April 15, 2024
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Pro-Palestinian protestors (often referred to as Democrats) are disrupting travel across the United States this Monday.

Protestors outside O’Hare International Airport in Chicago closed multiple lanes of Interstate 190 near O’Hare’s terminals on Monday morning.

Police were able to clear some of the lanes to open up traffic. Major delays still remain to the airport terminals as of early afternoon.

Some people are reportedly  getting out of vehicles on the highway and trying to walk to the terminals to catch their flights.


Video and images of the protestors capture them sitting across the roadway with their arms interlocked and chanting pro-Palestinian messages.

Pro-Hamas protestors are also causing major traffic issues in Oakland, CA and on the Golden Gate Bridge, as part of a worldwide economic blockade.

ABC 7 News is reporting,  that all lanes in the Southbound direction of the Golden Gate Bridge are shut down.


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