‘Joe Biden Had 8 Million ($) Reasons To Break The Rules’ – Hur Goes Before Congress

Eric Scheiner | March 12, 2024
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Ex-Special Counsel Robert Hur testified Tuesday that President Biden "willfully retained classified materials," but said he "had to consider" the president’s "memory and overall mental state" when determining whether to bring charges against him.

Rep. Jim Jordan ( R- Ohio) believes Biden knew the rules and broke them on purpose. While questioning Hur, Jordan focused on the millions Joe Biden made on a book deal.

“Mr. Hur, how much did President Biden get paid for his book? “ Jordan asked.

“Off the top of my head. I'm not sure if that information appears in the report,” Hur replied.

“Sure does. There's a dollar amount in there. You remember?”

“I don't-  it may be eight million.”

“Eight million dollars. Joe Biden had eight million reasons to break the rules. He took classified information and shared it with the guy who was writing the book. That's why he - he knew the rules but he broke them for eight million dollars in a book advance. But you know what? It wasn't just the money. Joe Biden, here's this page. 231 very next page, Joe Biden. In your report, Joe Biden viewed his notebooks as an irreplaceable contemporaneous record of the most important moments of his vice presidency.

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He had written this all down for the book  - for the $8 million. And the next thing you say in your report is, quote, such a record would buttress his legacy as a world leader. You know what this is? It wasn't just the money. It wasn't just $8 million. It was also his ego. Pride and money is why he knowingly violated the rules. The oldest motives in the book pride and money. You agree with that, Mr. Hur? You wrote it in your report.

“That language, and it does appear in the report. And we did identify evidence supporting those assessments,” Hur replied.

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