Jankowicz: The Biased Singing Censor Returns

Eric Scheiner | May 10, 2024

Nina Jankowicz, the one time, singing head of the now-disbanded DHS Homeland Disinformation Governance Board (aka Ministry Of Truth) has returned and this time she claims to be the CEO of sunlight.

Yes, the Hunter Biden laptop denying, recently registered foreign agent is now back and judging what is “disinformation” from her high pedestal of CEO for the American Sunlight Project.

The website claims, “The American Sunlight Project is mobilizing to ensure that citizens have access to trustworthy sources to inform the choices they make in their daily lives.”

That may be one of the reason’s Jankowicz’s organization has declined to release the names of the American Sunlight Project's donors.

Too much sunlight might cause a burn, I guess.

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One of the group's other totally truthy, non-partisan actions was to send a letter only to Congressional Republicans claiming they “are using government resources” to attack researchers “deliberately misconstruing their work.”

The letter claims that "the vast majority of the researchers" criticized by Republicans are women, and that they have faced "gendered, sexualized violent rhetoric as a result of your actions.”

As Reason.com notes, “While the letter contains 10 footnotes, not a single one of them attempts to quantify the claim that female researchers are being criticized disproportionately.”

Would it be hard to believe that the American Sunlight Project under Jankowicz would be spreading politically biased disinformation?


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