Don’t Mess With Texas : Armed Store Owner Defends Property – Again

Eric Scheiner | November 9, 2023
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Two armed robbers entered a Mesquite, Texas Cash-4-Gold store last week, only to be offered some free lead from an armed store owner.

The store owner, only identified as Tien told Fox 4 News this is the third time someone's tried to rob him in the past five years, and each time he’s thwarted them with his own handgun.

"Everything was slow motion to me. I saw the mask, I saw the hoodie, I saw the gun come out," Tien said about the early November shootout.

No one was hurt, but bullets hit the glass counter, the walls and Tien's golf bag.

"Luckily, it wasn't me," he said.

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Tien seems to be ready to handle criminals and defend himself from criminals.

"I think the cash business, the gold business, seems to be an easy target for them, or so they think, but it’s not," he said. 

Police are attempting to identify the suspects.

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