Chicago Mayor Blames Texas For ‘Attacking our Country’ With Illegals

Eric Scheiner | December 19, 2023
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Perhaps Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson doesn’t comprehend where the illegal aliens invading this country are coming from.

Johnson unloaded Monday on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for transporting illegals from overwhelmed Texas communities to “sanctuary cities” across the U.S.

“It's the fact that we have a governor, a governor - an elected official in the state of Texas that is placing families on buses without shoes - cold, wet, tired, hungry, afraid, traumatized. And then they come to the city of Chicago, where we have homelessness. We have mental health clinics that have been shut down and closed. You have people who are seeking employment. The Governor of Texas needs to take a look in the mirror of the chaos that he is causing for this country. This is not just a Chicago dynamic. He is attacking our country,” Johnson said.

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Interesting use of the term “attacking our country,” perhaps Johnson would like to be Mayor of Eagle Pass, TX where they see over 2,000 illegal crossings per day.

Maybe the Chicago Mayor should have a conversation with Joe Biden about illegal border crossings before criticizing Texas Gov. Abbott.

Johnson made the pass-the-buck comments following the death of a five-year-old migrant child who had been staying at a shelter in Chicago.

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