Eric Clapton Joins Van Morrison for New COVID19 Lockdown Protest Song

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 30, 2020
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Using shoddy COVID19 data from unreliable PCR tests and inflated “cases” that can’t conclusively be claimed to have any connection to real sickness or transmissibility, politicians from Andrew Cuomo on the east coast of the U.S., to Gavin Newsom on the west, and many of their sycophantic media lackeys in between, tell us these are “unprecedented times,” as if that’s a prologue allowing them to engage in absolute, widespread fraud. But the only things unprecedented about these times are the extent to which they and other petty tyrants have shattered their constitutional oaths, imposed illegal and immoral lockdowns on private businesses, houses, private schools, and churches, and shown towering hypocrisy by breaking their own odious commands.

And then, of course, there’s the almost-as-unprecedented way the lapdog dinosaur “news” and social media giants have curried favor with the lockdown tyrants and tried to crush our free speech and dissent.

But, thankfully, many non-politicians are rising in defense of truth and free will, and some well-known musicians are standing tall to lend them moral and financial support.

A few weeks ago, I reported on the news that Irish rock and blues singer and musician Van Morrison was one of those people. And since then, he has released three protest songs to speak out about the UK’s affront to liberty as embodied in its brutal, invasive, and morally bankrupt lockdowns.

As noted at Morrison's website, the three songs are titled, “Born to Be Free,” “As I Walked Out,” and “No More Lockdown.” All feature his signature vocals and beautiful message of freedom, and all are infused with the emotion and insight of a man who clearly sees the destruction the bureaucrats, politicians, police, politically-connected “scientists,” and media have rained down upon musicians and non-musicians, alike.

A sample of his message in “As I Walked Out” offers some potent truth to remember, from now, until the end of time:

As I walked out, all the streets were empty
The government said, everyone should stay home
And they spread fear and loathing, and no hope for the future
Not many did question this very strange move


Morrison adds:

Well, on the government website, from the 21st March, 2020

It said COVID-19 was no longer high risk

Then, two days later, they put us under lockdown

Then why are we not being told the truth?

By all the media outlets and the government lackeys

Why is this not big new, why is it being ignored?

Why no checks and balances, why no second opinions?

Why are they working, and why are we not?

The insight into the unreality and media-driven hysteria, the gut-punch delivers in his description of empty streets, and the simple, fair-minded questions he poses, are unmistakable, carried on his world-famous voice.

And now, another voice is joining him.

Legendary singer, songwriter, musician Eric Clapton is teaming-up with Morrison to perform a new protest song, and this time, Van is writing, and Clapton will sing.

As Variety’s Nama Ramachandran reports:

Music legends Van Morrison and Eric Clapton have announced a new single, ‘Stand and Deliver,’ in support of Morrison’s Save Live Music campaign. The blues track was written by Morrison and is performed by Clapton.

And, besides the fact that the title brings to mind the anthemic epic of the same name by Adam and the Ants, besides the fact that it angers lemming-like leftists who seem averse to spending even a second researching the fallibility of the PCR test, who lap-up the government-inflated “COVID-19” death stats like swine at the trough, and who won’t read a word of the US constitution or the foundations of British Common Law, “Stand and Deliver” will do something else.

As Ramachandran notes, it will help fund musicians whose livelihoods Orwellian politicians have deemed “non-essential.”

Proceeds from ‘Stand and Deliver’ will go to the Morrison’s Lockdown Financial Hardship Fund, which helps musicians facing difficulties as a result of the coronavirus and resulting lockdown measures.

That’s a lot of musicians, so it will take us and our friends and loved-ones to spread the word about this, and the sheer, brazen attack on that and other industries politicians in many nations have conducted.

For those who question the wisdom of promoting the field of live music, for those who, as some have, try to climb some fictitious “moral high ground” to say that people attending concerts or church or any other voluntary gathering are selfishly “putting others at needless risk,” here is a soft reminder:

Please learn the difference between private property and public, government-run property. Learn the meaning of voluntary association and free will. Learn that those invited onto private property and those welcoming them do so of their own free will and the associations that happen with others subsequent to those meetings are voluntary, and so on. All human interaction is voluntary except that which occurs on and via government-run systems. And it was for this reason that, here in the US, the Founders wrote the Bill of Rights, to insure that government would not stop voluntary association in public places, and for which the British commoners demanded aspects of the important Magna Carta in 1215.

People who defend these political attacks on fundamental liberty can claim no valid factual, constitutional, or moral reason for their positions, and their lemming-like support for the edicts are harming more people than the virus has or ever will.

Musicians like Morrison and Clapton understand this, and, despite their great success – or perhaps thanks, in part, to it – they are working hard to help their fellow musical creators survive these loathsome attacks on their lives, their loves, and their careers.

I know what will be on my stereo a lot this year.

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