Episcopal Church Invites Drag Queen to Pride 'Chapel'

Michael Ippolito | August 1, 2022
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Just when you thought the drag queen shows could not get any worse, they just did. The drag queens have moved on from twerking in front of children to making their home in sacred religious places. 

An Episcopal Church invited a drag queen to perform a show in its pride “chapel” in New York City. 

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The video showed how religious these degenerate leftists are. But instead of worshiping Jesus, these lunatics worship a burly man dressed like a woman. A man who looks to be in charge of the church introduces the drag performer, Brita Filter, as the main star. “It’s Brita Filter,” the man says, “and she is the queen of New York!” Then the hip-hop music begins to play, and the congregation begins barking like seals as Brita Filter walks down the aisle. The congregation’s cheers get louder, and they stand up like the president is walking by. Finally, Brita Filter makes her way in front of the altar and displays himself for all to see. He happily waves and continues to receive applause from the sheepish audience. The lack of respect from the audience is damming.

Here’s another spot you can mark on your map as an inappropriate place for kids. The left does not care for anything outside of their radical ideologies.

Another Catholic Church has been vandalized by a crazy pro-abortion terrorist pic.twitter.com/hXIuNAHndF

— MRCTV (@mrctv) June 30, 2022