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An Epic Twist: Ted Cruz and AOC Agree to Work Together on Lobbying Reform


Anyone who says politics is boring and predictable is dead wrong, and what happened yesterday only further exemplifies why. 

In a political twist that shocked nearly everyone — which rivals the cinematic masterpiece of The Sixth Sense —  it seems as if there is a strong possibility that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, an avowed principled conservative, and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a youngblood socialist upstart, will work together on policy.

Yesterday, Representative Ocasio-Cortez tweeted a thread on former congresspeople lobbying as a career, saying she wanted to ban the practice, or at least implement a “long wait period” for former members of Congress wanting to get into the lobbying business.

Normally, Ocasio-Cortez’s tweets don’t resonate with anyone right of Marx. But this time, something unexpected happened— Ted Cruz agreed with her.

What was his reasoning, exactly? Well, congresspeople going into lobbying only exacerbates the problems of ‘The Swamp’.

Ocasio-Cortez then replied that so long as Cruz didn't try to add any riders or partisan addendums to the legislation, she’d be happy to co-lead the bill with him. Cruz promptly responded “You’re on.”

In an era where political discourse has slowly devolved into disgusting threats, lie-filled rhetoric, and misconceived notions, a little bipartisanship, especially among two polar opposites, is heartening to see.

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