'Enough is Enough!' NC County Pushes Back Against Woke Corporations, Bans Coca-Cola Machines

Libby | June 4, 2021
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In Surry County, North Carolina, county commissioners have moved to ban Coca-Cola machines in their county office buildings after the company criticized Georgia’s voting bill.

The county’s longest serving commissioner, Eddie Harris, took aim at the corporation saying it’s time someone spoke out against left-wing politics, WXII reported. Harris credited the move to Coca-Cola undermining Georgia Republicans by publicly opposing the controversial voting bill back in March.

At the time, Coca-Cola executive Alfred Rivera shared his disdain for the Republican-led bill that required voter ID and expanded early voting among other things.

“We want to be crystal clear,” Rivera said in a statement, “and state unambiguously that we are disappointed in the outcome of the Georgia voting legislation.”

Not only did the company undercut Georgia Republican legislators who proposed the bill, Harris argued that it impeded on every day Americans.

He said, “Millions of Americans believe that the last presidential election was not held in a fair manner and that more voter fraud will occur in the future if elections are not more closely monitored and regulated."

Surry County Commissioner Van Tucker echoed Harris’s sentiments on the woke corporations. He shared in an interview with MRCTV, “I’m simply tired, as many Americans are, of the woke, leftist supported mega organizations that have seemed to use their power to weigh in on social issues of the day like election integrity.”

Tucker also shared that the proposition passed 3-2, though a date to remove the machines has not yet been set.

The response thus far, he told MRCTV, has been mostly positive.

“They seem to be a unified voice for the left, running it down our throats,” Tucker blasted. “Enough is Enough!”

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