Emmys Host Jimmy Kimmel Plays Obedient White Guy During Anthony Anderson's Scripted Black Supremacy Speech

Nick Kangadis | September 21, 2020

Holy cringe, Batman! Last night’s Emmy Awards — I had no idea they were on either — was hosted by late-night talk show host and lap dog for the left, Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel was a good little boy Sunday evening, particularly when he was made to heel and repeat along with a scripted black power speech made by “Black-ish” actor Anthony Anderson.

In what was presumably supposed to be a joke — I’m just guessing, because I don’t know what is was actually supposed to be — Anderson spoke about how this year’s Emmys were going to be the “blackest” show ever.

“This was supposed to be the blackest Emmys ever,” Anderson said. “Y’all wouldn’t have been able to handle how black it was going to be. But because of COVID, we couldn’t even get in the damn building.”

Haha, I guess?

The cringiest part of the segment was really how the entire time Kimmel just stood there complying to orders given by Anderson, including having to recite “Black Lives Matter” three times with Anderson telling Kimmel to say it louder each time.

Nothing funnier than a black guy making a white guy yell the name of a Marxist, anti-capitalist organization over and over. Oh, the hilarity!

This whole segment was the equivalent to a white supremacist getting on the stage and making prepared statements about how the night would’ve been better had it been allowed to be whiter.

Anderson even took a couple of scripted shots at people, one at the expense of police officers and the other at Vice President Mike Pence.

Maybe this was supposed to be a big joke. But with nothing actually being funny, coupled with no audience to laugh when they were told to laugh, it just seemed weird and kinda racist. Oh, and Kimmel was there too.

For the full segment, watch below (Note: As of this writing, the YouTube video of the segment has at least 1,100 up votes and at least 2,500 down votes):