Emmanuel Acho Claims Black People Suffer From 'Generational Trauma'

John Simmons | February 6, 2023
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Emmanuel Acho is trying to become as good a race-baiter as Jemele Hill.

The Fox Sports NFL analyst recently appeared on the Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay podcast to discuss racism, and he made a series of bizarre comments about how his Nigerian ancestry frees him from the “generational trauma” that most Black Americans supposedly experience.

Lathan then proceeded to refute Acho’s ridiculous comments, but he did so by adding some ridiculous comments of his own, which I won’t dissect here.

However, I do want to examine something Acho said. He claimed that black people suffer from “generational trauma,” which means that they are still affected by the past wrongs committed against their ancestors. 

It is a frequently used tool in the bag of social justice proponents. After all, if people can claim that they are owed something in the present -- a.k.a., reparations -- because of wrongs that were committed against their ethnic group in the past, why wouldn’t people used that to gain power, money, or any number of things? 

This is a ridiculous phenomena that has been debunked. Emotional trauma cannot be passed down from parents to children, and no one carries around the baggage that their ancestors had. And it is certainly not a valid reason to claim that you are owed something in the present.

But hey, keep doing you Acho. Just know most of us can see right through your ridiculous worldview.

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