Elton John Bashes Criticism of Straight Actor Playing Him in Upcoming Biopic: 'That's All Bulls**t'

Nick Kangadis | May 20, 2019
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People need to get over themselves and their selective outrage. The LGBTQIA-LMNOP community are apparently very unhappy that a straight guy is playing a gay guy in a movie, as if that’s important in the least to top the list of complaints. Well, the gay man being portrayed on film thinks all those complaining should go kick rocks.

The Sun’s Dan Wooten got an interview with the subject of the new film “Rocketman,” Elton John, and asked him about the criticism the film is facing by having a straight actor, Taron Egerton, play the singer in the movie.

“That’s all bulls**t, I’m sorry,” John told Wooten.

The film is about John’s meteoric rise to fame in the 1970s, showing the singer’s highs and lows during that period. But, the 72-year-old legendary singer doesn’t care one bit whether people either like the actor playing him or the movie in general.

“If people don’t like it, review-wise, or it doesn’t make one dollar, it’s the movie I wanted to make and that’s all that counts,” John said. “I can look back and say, ‘You know what, I love it. I can live with it.’”

“Rocketman” is about John’s life, after all. Sure, in an ideal world the movie would make tons of money and justify the budget spent on the film. But, if the movie gets John’s seal of approval, that should be good enough for everyone else.

Whether the movie will actually be decent is another matter, but I’ll give John credit for standing up to the critics.

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