Elite NYC School Vows to Suspend, Expel Students For Failing to Wear Face Mask 'Appropriately'

Brittany M. Hughes | December 22, 2021
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As if the government’s tyrannical overreaction to the coronavirus weren’t already bad enough, one private New York City school is taking their COVID mandates to a whole new level – this time, by threatening to kick students out of school for not wearing their mask properly.

According to a screen shot of an email posted on Twitter by Fox News columnist Karol Markowicz, officials at Horace Mann School, a private college prep school in the Bronx, informed students – and their parents – that any student who has to be told to wear their face mask correctly (meaning keeping it on over both their mouth) is now facing a two-day suspension without remote learning.

What’s more, the school – which reportedly costs upwards of $60,000 a year to attend – also suggested that repeat offenders might be booted from the school permanently.

“There will be no debating whether a prompt was once, twice, or thrice, if you need to be told to wear your mask appropriately, you spend two days at home, and if it occurs a second time you are telling me that HM is not the school for you,” read the email.

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“At HM, mask noncompliance for students is intentional noncompliance,” school officials continued. “There are no students at HM approved not to wear a mask or struggling to understand or appreciate the need to consistently wear one's mask over their nose and mouth.”

The mask mandate applies to in-class attendance and after-school events.

The school also mandates that all students without a religious or medical exemption must be vaccinated.