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Electric Tricycle Is the Sleek New Vehicle for Commuters


Genuine American engineering has brought us a beautiful piece of tech that will excite your inner child. It's called the SRK, made by Oregon-based manufacturer Arcimoto. This two-seat, dual-motor, front-wheel drive tricycle gives you the thrill of a motorcycle with some of the safety features usually reserved for cars.

“The SRK from Arcimoto is the daily electric vehicle for the rest of us," Arcimoto pitches. "With an estimated 230 MPGe (miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent), it sips power, but you’d never know that when you hit the throttle: 0-60 in 7.5 seconds and an 85 MPH top speed means a thrilling ride and the comfort of knowing you can maneuver well in a pinch.”

It’s fast, “fuel” efficient, and has a maximum range of either 70 or 130 miles -- depending on the model.

Safety features include “a full roll cage, 3 + 2 harnesses for both riders and impact crumple zones in front and rear for additional protection,” making it the safest bike style vehicle coming to the market.

While its target cost is set at $11,900 -- compared to a converted Harley-Davidson costing $8,995 -- Arcimoto stresses that the amount of money you save on fuel will more than make up for the cost of the tricycle.

Below you’ll see a video of The Verge’s test drive of the Arcimoto SRK:



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