Elderly Arm Wrestling Champion in Wheelchair Socked Her Robber in the Nose

Ben Graham | February 23, 2016
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A robber tried to steal the purse of 76-year-old Betty Jeffery without realizing just who it was she was messing with. 

Jeffery was once a national arm wrestling champion in England and has played in competitive sports for 45 years.

Jeffrey told the BBC that she was on the way to a funeral in Essex when the would-be thief made the attempt and was promptly socked in the nose.

“I’ll never forget that face. I just hit it,” she recounted.  “I had to stop her.”

“I love sports and I love a challenge. And she was a challenge,” Jeffrey said with a laugh.

Luckily, two bystanders witnessed the confrontation and quickly intervened, forcing a fearful retreat from the mugger.

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