The Economic Terrorism Tactics Of The Left


Once again, this is playing out before our eyes, this time in state of my birth, Georgia. It appears that the progressive socialist left, the maniacal, radical lovers of murdering our unborn babies are throwing a fit.

Filmmakers are now vowing to boycott the state of Georgia after the governor signed a controversial abortion bill.

What is the message these entertainment elites are sending? Simple, you will acquiesce, surrender, to our ideology, our beliefs, and our whims, or else. The “or else” is simple to identify, they will enact economic terrorism against an entire State in order to ruin its economy. Who are these people that believe they have the right to control our thoughts, perspectives, principles and values? What these production companies are saying is that they, elites, are the ones who determine what we can believe. And the punishment for such, siege warfare, they will seek to decimate you and your way of life. This has played itself out elsewhere, such as in North Carolina. When the Tar Heel State decided it did not want the Obama administration dictating who uses what bathroom, the entertainment elites decided that they would not do concerts in the State. In Georgia, previously, there were threats to not have the Super Bowl in the Peach State.

One must ask, who decided that these individuals determine our values, set the rules for culture in these United States? 

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