Economic Genius Barbra Streisand: Biden’s Economic Record Is 'The Best In 40 Years'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 2, 2022
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Perhaps it was an early April Fools joke.

Perhaps she’s been too cloistered in her luxurious Malibu estate to connect to reality. Perhaps she’s so utterly bereft of any knowledge of economics, she actually believes the nonsense spewed by the Bidenistas and their friends in dinosaur media. Or, perhaps she knew she was lying. Whatever the reason, on December 31, former pop singer-actress Babra Streisand found it necessary to claim on Twitter that -- get this:

Joe Biden’s economic record in his first year is the best in 40 years. The media largely ignore this.

Far be it for someone who writes about the media, teaches economics and philosophy, and tries to back up his statements with actual facts to disagree, but this kinda-sorta is… utterly not the case.

In fact, planet Streisand’s off-gassing of ignorance is so disconnected from reality it makes one wonder if Babs has watched CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, or any other pop media outlet cheerlead and massage the atrocious Biden record as if they’re trying to polish a turd.

It also makes one wonder if the “Evergreen” singer is pining for the malaise of Jimmy Carter (when she had hit records), or if, when she uses the word "record" tied to Biden, she means Biden actually recorded a record, which, of course, likely would be called "C'mon, Man!" backed on the B-side with the sleeper hit, "Let's Go, Brandon!"

One thing is fo-sho, it reminds many American’s that Streisand often exhibits the tawdry characteristics of an insufferable and ill-informed bore, and that a single year under Biden’s ice-cream-drizzled boot can FEEL like 40.

Breitbart’s Walter Todd Huston appears to be one of those Americans, and, like many of us, he pushed back at Streisand’s senseless claim and at the characteristic lack of wisdom she displayed by making it.

The People singer did not bother giving fans the source of her statistic, nor did she take any time to offer any other explication or proof of this claim. Still, even some of her liberal fans noted that one of the reasons Biden’s numbers can be said to have risen over 2020’s statistics is because many of the restrictions imposed on the nation due to the pandemic were eased. After all, an economy would have nowhere else to go but up once rules that artificially squelched it were reversed.

Those would be authoritarian edicts, not “rules,” set down mostly by Biden’s pals in numerous states, and facilitated by Donald Trump’s unconstitutional March 2020 announcement that the SARS CoV-2 virus represented a “national emergency” – something that no one in any branch of the U.S. government constitutionally can do and is more akin to a child declaring himself Superman than anything resembling constitutional governance.

Indeed, economic historian Streisand might have been too busy plotting ways to torture us with her aural “music” assaults to notice what MRCTV’s Brittany Hughes reported in early December: that the inflation rate year-to-year at that point was 6.8 percent, the worst single-year rise since 1982. And that doesn’t even include the fact that estimated overall price increases aren’t even measured the same way. The new metric likely hides the full picture that the economic Dorian Gray hides in his government-cursed attic.

Breitbart’s Huston wonders if Streisand simply was rephrasing Biden’s equally addled December 29 Twitter claim that the economy was just peachy.

We’re ending 2021 with what one analyst described as the strongest first-year economic track record of any president in the last 50 years. Let’s keep the progress going.

Was Biden in consultation with Streisand to hatch this, in a genius plot of bogus circularity? Perhaps he spoke to her, considering her to be the “analyst,” and then she released her reiteration of the fantasy two days later…

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Or, perhaps Biden, Babs, and his gang are so avaricious they just make it up to see how far they can push absurdity before Americans will call them on the wildly inaccurate nonsense.

Has Streisand not seen Brittany’s December 15 piece covering the nutty claims of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki that meat prices were through the roof because of the “greed of meat conglomerates?”

How about Brittany’s coverage of Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) saying in mid-December:

The last time inflation was this high, I had an afro.

Heck, in September, The Spectator’s John Steele Gordon observed:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics issued its August jobs report this morning and the numbers are pretty dismal. While the unemployment rate dropped 0.2 percent to 5.2 percent, the number of new jobs created was only 235,000, far below expectations of about 700,000. In June the number was 962,000 and in July a whopping 1.1 million.

And those stats require consideration of the vast number of people who dropped off the “unemployment dole” roles, and out of the job market entirely.

Breitbart’s Huston refers to his fellow Breitbart reporter, Alfredo Ortiz, and his December 31 coverage of the dark Biden economy:

Here are some inconvenient truths that destroy Biden’s argument: Inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), is currently running at 6.8 percent, the fastest pace in 40 years. (As I argued in a recent op-ed, when you conduct an apples-to-apples comparison of how inflation is measured now versus 40 years ago, today’s inflation may actually match or even exceed President Carter levels.) The Producer Price Index (PPI), which measures the prices businesses pay for their inputs and is a forward indicator of the CPI, is increasing at a record 9.6 percent.

And Ortiz notes this about the employment malaise:

In reality, the labor market remains far below its pre-pandemic peak. There are still four million fewer people working today and nearly five million more people out of the labor force compared to February 2020. After falling precipitously from 66 to 63 percent under Obama, the labor force participation rate (LFPR) actually rose under Trump before the pandemic hit — a remarkable achievement given its long-run decline. Today, the LFPR, including among 25- to 54-year-olds, has gained back only about half of its pandemic-related decline. Nothing to celebrate.

Nothing to celebrate at all.

But Streisand, contrary to every economic metric worth noting, is cheering the jab-mandating, price-spiking, rights-hating Joe Biden as he metaphorically spits in our faces and calls it rain. She sings his praises without a hint of truth in her Twitter-amped voice.

It’s insulting. But at least it’s only in written form.

Her music library is bad enough without her adding more pain.

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