Earnest: 'I Don't Know' If We'll Provide Cost of Executive Amnesty

Monica Sanchez | November 20, 2014
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When asked when Obama’s unilateral immigration reform plan will be implemented, how long it will take, how much it will cost, and how it will affect local communities and businesses, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest played politics as usual, deferring all answers to the President’s upcoming announcement later today.

Real Clear Politics White House correspondent Alexis Simendinger asked Earnest a number of reasonable questions regarding the impending executive orders:   

“When we get briefed, or we get information, will there be budgetary numbers attached to it? Will we be able to understand more what the projected cost or what the budgetary effect will be?”

Earnest responded by saying, 

“Well, I don't know if those numbers will be produced, but you are certainly welcome to ask about them. We'll see if we can get you some answers.”

So, the White House, where this plan for immigration reform originates, does not yet have some of the most basic, critical information regarding its implementation?

“Well, as many of you know, who’ve been covering this closely, the White House has been engaged in a wide range of conversations as the President’s been considering what steps to take," Earnest said. "And those conversations have been rooted in, primarily, helping to understand, or helping the White House to have a clear understanding, of how specific decisions might have an impact on specific communities or, in some cases, even specific businesses.”

So where are the “specific” details?

He continued,

“There is a desire to have that kind of understanding and, as a result, there’ve been a number of conversations that have been convened by members of the President’s staff to discuss some of these issues.”

If the White House still lacks "that kind of understanding" of the basics by now, on the very day that the President is expected to roll out his controversial plan, then we really should be worried. 

Even the reporters at the press briefing couldn’t help but burst out in laughter at Earnest's blatant dodging and weaving.