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Off-Duty Dallas Cop Uses Firearm to Stop Armed Fast-Food Robbery Suspects


We hear nothing from the Left when stories like this come out. No press conferences. No statements. Not even a tweet. Whether it’s a civilian or an off-duty police officer, the Left remains silent when a “good guy” with a gun stops “bad guys” with guns.

An off-duty Dallas police officer prevented a couple of suspects from fleeing the scene of a robbery they had just committed at a Fort Worth, Tex. Whataburger Sunday morning.

Reportedly, the officer — who remains anonymous at this time, but is supposedly an 11-year veteran on the force — waited outside for the suspects to exit the restaurant before confronting them. At least one of the two suspects was armed and brandished the firearm in order to execute the robbery.

The officer fired shots at the suspects upon their exit, and the pair of criminals fled the scene — both of whom were wounded by the officer’s shots.

“One injured suspect was apprehended on the parking lot of the business," police spokesman Daniel Segura said in an email, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "The second one fled to a nearby business open area where he was later found and apprehended.”

Both suspects face aggravated robbery charges, though their identities have not been released.

A case like this goes to show that police can subdue or slow a suspect down by wounding them rather than delivering a fatal shot. Basically, subdue if you can, completely stop if you must. 

For local coverage of this story, watch below:


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