Dumb, Actually: Director Hates His Own Movie For 'Lack of Diversity'

John Simmons | December 1, 2022
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The 2003 hit rom-com “Love Actually”  is coming up on its 20th anniversary, but director Richard Curtis doesn’t look upon his popular film with much delight anymore.

Curtis said in an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer that his movie feels “out of date” because there is only one main character who was not white (Chiwetel Ejiofor, who plays the role of Peter).

“The lack of diversity makes me feel uncomfortable and a bit stupid,” Curtis said. “You know, I think there are sort of three plots that have sort of bosses and people who work for them.”

The only reason Curtis now thinks the melanin of his cast was not varied enough to make “Love Actually” a good film is because of our culture’s obsession with diversity since its release date.

“Diversity” in its modern sense is a buzzword largely used by progressives to get companies and organizations to fill a status quo of what the left deems is an adequate mix of ethnicities in a particular setting (movies, workplace etc.). Progressives believe that by mixing Asians, blacks, whites, LGBT members, or any other number of demographics somewhat equally, it somehow makes a product more pleasing and inherently better.

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Which of course, it doesn’t. Usually, it makes the product more contrived and unrealistic.

Diversity for the sake of diversity has no value. While I am all for giving people of all sorts of different backgrounds and walks of life adequate and fair chances to earn places in business, entertainment, or politics, no one should simply be given something or placed somewhere for the sake of making something more diverse. That devalues human beings as individuals.

Furthermore, we should not criticize decisions made in the past through the standards of the present. The “diversity” mindset was not prevalent 20 years ago, so do we really need to shame Curtis’ movie -- or any other -- for not going along with a faulty worldview that is prevalent today? Of course we don’t. 

So if you find yourself watching “Love Actually” during the Christmas season, resist the urge to feel guilty, because there’s absolutely no need to.

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