A Drunken Legacy: USA’s Olympic Basketball Champs Were Smashed On Team Bus

Jay Maxson | August 10, 2021

As if fans didn’t already have ample reasons to tune out social justice-warped sports – including the Olympics – this summer. It’s been reported that members of the USA men’s basketball team were intoxicated as they celebrated their Gold medal in Tokyo. It’s just one more reason to tune out of big-time sports, woke as it is and now even more unworthy of respect.

Two videos show players who clearly had too much to drink. Kevin Durant, of the Brooklyn Nets, and Draymond Green, of the Golden State Warriors, appear to be drunk on the team bus. Green managed to post one of the videos to his Instagram account.

Damian Lillard, of the Portland Trail Blazers, and Devin Booker, of the Phoenix Suns, also appear quite tipsy in the video. Or as Outkick blogger Matt Loede wrote, they “can also be seen enjoying the fruits of their labor.”

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In their inebriated state, NBA stars are seen continuing to pour down the alcohol. In fact, they’re drinking LeBron James’ Lobos Tequila.

Durant can be heard in one of the videos addressing James: “Hey Bron, Bron, Bron Bron. We got Lobos in the cup!”

The often out-of-control Green, who has a knack for triple doubles, technical fouls and ejections, also has a message for James: “Just a bunch of gold medalists man. And Lobos in the cup.”

Green neglected to identify them as drunken gold medalists.

In case anyone had any doubts about these Olympians’ state of sobriety, the Boston Celtics’ forward Jayson Tatum confirms on-video that Durant and Green are undeniably sloshed.

One person was well pleased, if not inspired by this unruly bunch of pro basketball players, however. It was LeBron James himself, who took to Twitter to salute them:

“ABSOLUTELY!!! Congrats men!!!”

James’ Tweet was a response to Lobos Tequila 1707. In a second Tweet, Lobos wrote:

“Everyone has the fire … but the champions know when to ignite the spark … Celebrating all weekend with Liquid Gold @lobos1707 in the cup, only the best for the best.”

Huffington Post ridiculed Fox News – namely Laura Ingraham -- for going into “pearl-clutching mode” over the Olympians’ drunken behavior. HuffPo pointed out that many Twitter posts mocked Fox for making an issue of the team seeming “happily buzzed.”

These star athletes surely aren’t the first to win Olympic Gold and crack a cork in celebration. They’re just stupid enough to very publicly display their drunkenness and represent their country so foolishly. Will the 2021 Olympic gold medal basketball winners serve as inspiration for the youths of America, for future generations? Not a chance. Is it a team for the ages? Not even close.