Deported DREAMer Arrested After Trying to Illegally Re-Enter the U.S., AGAIN


Do not pass the border. Do not collect taxpayer dollars.

But apparently some people legislation that benefits them, but don’t actually like abiding by our laws otherwise. Case in point: according to reports, a DREAMer has been arrested for illegally reentering the United States for the second time in 2017.

According to the USA Today:

Juan Manuel Montes, 23, was caught late Monday after he was spotted on the U.S. side of the border by agents monitoring video feeds near Calexico, Calif., where he had lived for most of his life, according to a Border Patrol statement. Montes ran for about 200 yards, dropped to the ground, tried to flee again as Border Patrol agents approached him, but was quickly caught and arrested.

Montes has claimed he was deported by Border Patrol agents in February despite having deportation protections through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA. That would have made him the first known DACA enrollee deported under the Trump administration.

However, Border Patrol has said that Montes’ claim is false, since they have no record of Montes being deported in the first place. The agency is saying that Montes “must have” crossed back into Mexico on his own at some point.

That’s an important piece of the puzzle, considering that would mean a DREAMer left the U.S. on his own, only to re-cross illegally. (Sidenote: the DACA program grants some illegal aliens deferred deportation privileges. It doesn't authorize you to just hop the border back-and-forth whenever you please.)

USA Today also reported that Montes’ first attempt to re-enter the U.S. illegally came in February after Montes was either deported or voluntarily left the country, depending on which story you believe.

Montes reportedly dropped a lawsuit against the Trump administration in order to legally be allowed back into the U.S. Despite giving no reasons for doing so, Montes dropped the lawsuit last month.

You can’t have it both ways. Even though the U.S. is the most accommodating place on Earth for immigrants, the country doesn’t have open borders. Abide by the laws of the land or face the repercussions. Simple.

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