Drake University Prof. Posts Tweets On How Republicans 'Need To Suffer'

Katie Moon | January 27, 2021
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(UPDATE 1/27/21:  Drake University president Marty Martin sent out and email condemning the tweets, saying:

"The odious nature of the expression in those posts can be, and has been, interpreted by some Drake students as expressing hostility towards them because of their political persuasion. That is unacceptable. We expect and indeed promote and celebrate vigorous political debate on our campus and across our community. However, when that debate takes the form of demeaning speech, the speaker must hear and understand that such behavior is not welcome at Drake University."

No disciplinary action was mentioned.)

A series of screenshots posted to Facebook by conservative student Mikayla Simpson recently surfaced showing Drake University associate English professor Beth Younger sending out vile anti-conservative tweets.

Among the many tweets captured is one where Younger explicitly says, “I was just pondering how much hatred I feel towards all the republican a**holes. They need to suffer.”

The language in her tweets gets a lot more colorful, but in the interest of not breaking my asterisk key, you can just check for yourself.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new to Drake University.

Both current and former students have shared and commented on the original post showing their disgust for the language:

As a former student myself, I know it SUCKED being a conservative on Drake’s campus for four and a half years. When I would stand up for my beliefs and offer a different point of view, professors would twist my words to fit their narrative when they knew EXACTLY what I meant.

Drake University preaches “Equity and Inclusion,” I wonder how often they ever put that notion into practice.

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