Dragging The Supply Chain: Biden’s Vax Mandate For Non-Resident Truckers At Border

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 30, 2021
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Hey! The gods of central planning have a great NEW plan to effect the stagnant supply chain that’s been so screwed up by federal controls! Joe Biden plans to impose a new federal control!

How wonderful… he’s ready to impose a “vaccine” mandate on all non-resident travelers coming into the US!

Katie Wermus reports for Newsweek:

Essential non-resident travelers include workers such as truck drivers and government or emergency response officials who cross at U.S. land borders.

This means that truckers coming up from Mexico will not be able to cross the border unless they can show proof of those jabs. And the edict also applies to people coming north for a day to shop, or coming north to vacation. Anyone familiar with the already bound-up border crossings in places like Nogales, Arizona (with its corresponding twin, Nogales, Mexico, a key spot for border trade, back and forth) knows that adding this layer of bureaucracy will not only block hundreds of thousands of potential truckers and visitors every few days, it will clog the system for those who ARE willing to cross into the US and conform to Biden’s command.

Oh, but that’s not all, amigos y amigas:

Essential travelers who enter the country by water borders via ferry must also be fully vaccinated by the same date, the official said. The official spoke to the Associated Press on the condition of their anonymity to preview the announcement.

Awesome (that's sarcastic, in case Joe can't tell).

Let’s stress something very important.

Apart from the debate over the danger of COVID19, apart from the debate about whether mRNA jabs help or are more danger and risk than they are worth, and apart from the anger one might feel about Joe Biden running rampant with Executive Orders, there’s a deeper lesson that must be understood.

This border-crossing issue forces us to study whether the US Constitution grants the feds any power over immigration, and it does not. The word “immigration” never appears in the document, and the states had their own immigration rules until the late 19th Century.

It was not until 1875, with a terrible Supreme Court ruling in the case of Chy Lung v Freeman, that the federalization of immigration began... and the centralizing, disastrous results are clear.

Constitutionally, Congress only has power over Naturalization, and Joe Biden is not supposed to have anything to do with the borders unless there is an invasion, and if there is, Congress must declare War on an aggressor nation, allowing the President to lead the troops.

It doesn’t take a decade’s worth of scholarship to know these facts. It just takes a curious mind and an honest disposition.

Those qualities appear to be lacking in Joe Biden.

Lacking about as much as his nonexistent respect for the Constitutional oath he took, and his respect for our economic freedom.


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