Drag-Net: Canadian Lawmaker Wants To Police ‘Offensive Remarks’ Near Drag Shows

Eric Scheiner | April 5, 2023
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Sometimes one image says it all.

Any image from Canadian politician Kristyn Wong-Tam’s press conference on Tuesday says a lot about the left.

I’ll avoid lawsuits and just let you draw your own conclusions from the images seared into your eyes from the video below.


The press conference was to promote a measure that would criminalize “offensive remarks, protests, (and) disturbances” within 100 meters of places hosting a drag show.

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Wong-Tam, whose pronouns are they/them, doesn’t want anyone to distribute any “hate propaganda”  that could be considered “homophobic or transphobic” outside the venue either.

The CBC reports:

The bill would allow the attorney general to temporarily designate addresses — such as where a show is taking place — as community safety zones, and anti-LGBTQ harassment, intimidation and hate speech within 100 metres would be subject to a $25,000 fine.

There's no word if bad reviews of a drag performance would also be included as "offensive."

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