Dr. Carson: ISIS 'Tentacles Growing Throughout the World,' 'This Is the Time We Can Crush Them'

Barbara Boland | February 17, 2015
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Former pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson was asked about how he’d handle ISIS on Fox News Monday, and he stressed that there is no such thing as “politically correct war” and that he’d “use every resource available” and “not hesitate to put boots on the ground” because “we need to be leaders…. We need to win.” The media responded to this interview by running the headline: “Ben Carson Calls for No Rules in War.”

Watch the interview below to see how this happens.

Host Bill Hemmer asked what Carson thought of how Obama had handled ISIS thus far, and whether he had any advice for the President. Carson replied it is time to focus on strengthening America and “not place everything into a partisan arena, and cause people to fight each other.”

ISIS “has tentacles growing throughout the world,” said Carson. “They’re still in their adolescent stage, and this is the time where we can crush them. If we allow them to mature into a full grown tree with deep roots and thick branches, it’s going to be almost impossible. We need to do it now. Winston Churchill said fight your enemy while you can beat them. Because, if you delay the fight, you will eventually be fighting them for your life.”

Hemmer asked Carson what he would do in the fight against ISIS. “I would use every resource available: military, banking, sanctions, you name it,” said Carson. “I would not hesitate to put boots on the ground. We need to be leaders. The coalition will form if it has a leader. We can’t sit around and say ‘Well you guys do this…’ This is serious. So I would do everything to eliminate them right now.”

Carson: “And we need to make sure our military is not put in a compromised position. We have people trying to manage the military, who know nothing about the military and nothing about military strategy. Our military needs to know that they’re not going to be prosecuted when they come back because somebody has said you did something that was politically incorrect.

“There is no such thing as a politically correct war,” Carson went on. “We need to grow up, we need to mature. If you’re gonna have rules for war, you should just have a rule that says no war. Other than that, you know, we have to win. Our life depends on it.”