Double-Stuffed Stupidity: Oreo Tweets 'Trans Persons Exist' To Score 'Woke' Points

Brittany M. Hughes | February 26, 2021
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On the same day that the House of Representatives passed the so-called “Equality Act,” a piece of partisan legislation that enshrines legal protections for transgender persons at the expense of religious freedom and women’s rights, Oreo – as in, the cookie brand – tweeted in apparent support of the bill, posting simply, “Trans people exist.” 

Which, aside from being an utterly ridiculous statement for a snack food producer to make, is also an utterly ridiculous statement in and of itself, considering no one is arguing whether trans persons “exist.” 

The argument is instead over whether a person can actually change their biological gender based on how they “feel” (spoiler alert: no, they can’t), whether the government can force a religious person to violate their own deeply-held beliefs in the same of “inclusivity” (in theory, yes, but not without violating the U.S. Constitution and denying someone’s God-given rights), and whether a biological man should be allowed to invade women’s facilities, co-opt their spaces, and unfairly compete against them despite his natural physical advantage, thus destroying women’s sports, right to privacy, and virtually erasing femininity from the public sphere altogether. 

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But all of that would be too difficult for a junk food maker to tackle – thus leaving us with this stupid and generally useless blurb from a company no one cares about beyond their double-stuffed cookies.

But alas, such random virtue-signaling is what we've come to expect from just about every "woke" company attempting to score social justice points - and dollars - from the masses.

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