Don't Speak! Dems Attack Dem RFK For Speaking To Libertarians

P. Gardner Goldsmith | June 19, 2023
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It must be strange to be a Democrat.

On the one hand, the publicly-pushed guise of many high-profile Dems is that the party and its ideological ilk are all about “inclusiveness” and “free speech.” Yet they simultaneously work behind the scenes to censor speech, demonize those with different opinions about government policy, and claim that those who participate in conversations across party lines are the equivalent of apostates.

And much of this two-faced M.O. is on display again, thanks to the head of the New Hampshire Democrat Party excoriating Democrat Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for his agreement to speak at a libertarian conference this coming weekend.

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According to the Boston Globe, NH state Dem Party Chair, Raymond Buckley sent RFK, Jr. an “open letter” of sorts, warding him off the dark-dark-dark path of speaking to those eeeeevil libertarians in the Free State Project at their annual “PorcFest Freedom Festival” in the White Mountains.

“Democrats in New Hampshire have a bone to pick (or perhaps it’s a quill) with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. over his plan to speak next week at the Porcupine Freedom Festival, commonly called PorcFest.

In a letter Friday to Kennedy’s campaign, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley warned that the annual event is organized by the Free State Project, which he called a 'libertarian extremist organization.' It’s no place for a prominent Democrat to dignify with a visit, he wrote.”

Well, as a guy who grew up in New Hampshire, and who used to drive five hours to Irvington, NY, to the Foundation for Economic Education headquarters to see liberty-minded economists, historians, and philosophers, I would like to counsel my acquaintance, Mr. Buckley, that I was delighted when I heard of the Free State Project twenty years ago, I’ve worked on a scholarship program with its creator, Jason Sorens, and have enjoyed many visits to previous Porcfests. The conversations have been some of the most rewarding of my life, offering me a ideas and suggestions for greater learning.

It's a shame Mr. Buckley seems offended by people sharing ideas – and by the idea of liberty, in general -- telling Kennedy:

“As a candidate for the presidency and a figure who commands considerable public attention, your presence at PorcFest will be seen as an endorsement of the Free State Project and its radical goals,” Buckley wrote. “Your presence will lend legitimacy to an extremist movement that aggressively works against the interests of New Hampshire residents.”

Of course, this angry rhetoric, couched in the “we know what the interests of New Hampshire residents REALLY are,” is nothing new from the Dems here.

When the Free State Project began, and voted to select New Hampshire as the place where members would like to move to live freer, then Democrat Party Chair Kathy Sullivan said they “weren’t welcome” here.

Which might inspire a few thoughtful people to ask some questions.

Since the members of the Free State Project embrace the “non-aggression principle” – since they want to respect other people’s lives and property and leave others in peace – why would Dems so vociferously object to peacefully-minded folks wanting to move here?

Could it be that they don’t like peaceful people?

Could it be that they particularly don’t like peacefully-minded people who might get involved in state politics and, thus, arrest or reduce the coercive power of state, county, and local government over people?

And are Dems like Mr. Buckley upset that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. might speak to a gathering of folks that, in previous years, has welcomed such illustrious speakers as economist Tom Woods, economist Robert Murphy, philosopher Stephan Molyneux, Dr. Mary Ruwart, and bestselling novelist/doctor F. Paul Wilson ?

And is Mr. Buckley, perhaps, a bit jealous of other scheduled speakers who, due to some of their positions and their openness to conversation, also are scheduled to speak at Porcfest?

Those would be folks such as former Democrat Congresswoman from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard and current GOP Presidential candidates Vivek Ramaswamy and Larry Elder, former Congressman and ardent anti-war advocate Dennis Kucinich, and former editor of Barrons, and founder of the well-known Soho Forum for debates, Gene Epstein?

On Twitter, my friend, and one of the key organizers for many Free State Project events, Carla Gericke observed:

“I do love how everyone is showing their true colors, incl @BostonGlobe

shilling for Big Harma, the Biden crime family & establishment Dems. Fortunately, RFK & Free Staters like the truth. Come check us out!”

Those that do "check" things out may expect to have political discussions. Something the left can't seem to tolerate.

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