Don't Look Away: These Are the 'Family-Friendly' Pride Events the Left Is Pushing On Kids

Brittany M. Hughes | June 14, 2022
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A note, before we continue: scrolling through these photos might not be safe for the workplace.

Or for your eyes. Or your sanity. Or your faith in humanity and the world in general.

It is, however, necessary to understand exactly where we are as a society - which, apparently, is a place in which a growing number of adults think it's perfectly acceptable to drag small children to perverse "pride" events, where they are exposed - literally - to all manner of kink, bondage, public nudity, and sexual weirdness. And if you have anything to say about it, you're a bigot.

I'll take that risk.

Here are just a few of the most recent disgusting, "family-friendly" LGBTQ events billed for kids, and just how horrifically perverse they actually are. In spandex, standing next to men in thongs, shouting "We have bandanas and lube!" from a float parading in front of young kids.

Christina Aguilera sporting a green strap-on penis at a concert advertised as an "all-ages" pride event in Los Angeles.

 This man in drag exposing his pantyhose-clad crotch at a "kid-friendly" brunch.

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A toddler watches as men in thongs and bondage gear whip one another at a pride parade.

A group of half-naked people - including men and women - gyrate on stage and simulate sex acts at a "family-friendly" drag and pride event in Austin, Texas.

This drag queen wearing pop-up prosthetic genitalia that actually sprayed liquid on to a crowd that included kids.

Drag queens and men in women's lingerie danced provocatively in front of a crowd that included one very confused little girl.

This bare-breasted person twerking and gyrating near a cop, only feet from children marching in the same parade in Washington, D.C. where Vice President Kamala Harris would later speak.

This is what the degenerate left is pushing as normalcy - and they honestly want you to believe they aren't grooming kids.