Donald Trump Jr. Slams Media for Being ‘Upset’ Baghdad Embassy Attack Wasn’t Another ‘Disaster Like Benghazi’

Monica Sanchez | January 1, 2020
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Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday took to Twitter to slam the media for being “upset” that the attack on the U.S. embassy in Iraq’s capital Baghdad didn’t “turn into a disaster like Benghazi.”

“It’s a sad day when you can hear it in the media’s voice how upset they are that the Iraq embassy attack hasn’t turned into a disaster like Benghazi because this administration had the guts to actually take action & defend Americans. At least we know whose side they’re on!” he tweeted.

His tweet comes amid reports that the Iran-backed militants that stormed the embassy on Tuesday withdrew after President Trump announced the deployment of 100 U.S. Marines to the scene to bolster security. The U.S. military also orchestrated multiple shows of force by military aircraft.

Trump vowed on New Year’s Eve that the assault would “not be a Benghazi.”

Members of the media such as MSNBC host Joy Reid were short from cheering on the violence against Americans in hopes that it would make President Trump look bad.